Thursday, 1 October 2015

Mucha, forever...

...or at least that's what my friend Alice and I believe.  His images are so beautifully designed and executed that one could eat them (and judging by the chocolates that Alice recently brought back from a visit to Prague, people do!).

Alice also brought me back a gift of a deck of cards when she was there, thinking that they would, like her decks, have the same image on each card.  To my delight and her chagrin, the deck I received had a different image on each, so a few days of hilarious hide and seek ensued as she tried to sneak them into her stash instead of mine.

Of course that meant that her birthday gift HAD to incorporate these cards, hence a Mucha Mini-Manuscript was in order.  Coincidently, the cards fell out of the pack on the perfectly coloured stack of Gelli prints scattered on my worktables.

Back and front covers of the mini-Mucha book

Just because I could, I turned the whole thing into a game, so her card had to specify rules.

I was much entertained by the whole process, and I still have half a deck of Mucha-image cards in my possession.  Hmmmm, I wonder where they'll go?

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