Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Good grief -

- you'd think I'd gone back to work full time given how things have fallen off the table.  I didn't even get one post done last week, never mind two.

I'll make up for it today, though.  I thought I'd show you some tags that I've been making over the last few months for a tag swap on a Google+ community called Creating and Sharing Mixed Media Art.
I've been enjoying the process of creating the tags nearly as much as I've enjoyed receiving them.

From a tag for Women's Day

to a wintery scene,

to one that was un-themed, I love the creative challenge of working in a 3 x 6" size.

I like the fact that, unlike a painting, they do not (necessarily) take weeks to develop,

and they can utilize those Gelli prints that I'm so very fond of making.

 I can test techniques with abandon, and who know's what could happen if I find one I like?

 Like a painting, each one has its own unique flavour and style.

I'm delighted that I found this community that has me hooked on this style of creativity. What's your current addiction in the world of art?  

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