Friday, 14 March 2014

My knees have gone to Gelli...

...from all the kneeling as I cover the floor in the studio with Gelli plate prints.  It's astounding how I can lose a full day in there, when my intention was just a quick play time.

I had to do a test run on the recent spate of Tyvek stencils I burned a couple of days ago.

And I'd made some modelling paste texture plates that were begging for a trial run too.  I particularly like this 'gears' one for its subtlety.

Some fun foam stamps created interesting patterns, 

and I stamped a couple of  them, twice, onto another old 'cleaner' print.  Unaccountably, without worrying about the registry of it all, I managed to offset the one side just slightly enough to be interesting.  That wouldn't happen again if I actually paid attention to where it was going!

Overprinting pieces from a previous session yielded some really fun textures and colour,

and these are pieces I'll be happy to use for backgrounds or as smaller focal points in a painting.

 The soft grey over top of the violet is a pleasing combination,

 and I'm nuts about this abstract panel.

I love the look of the stencils, texture plates and foam stamps at the end of it all too.  

All in all, I'd say it was well worth the 'lost time', and I've got some good samples for my Gelli binder, to say nothing of some lovely papers for upcoming projects.

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