Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Orange you glad?

I love altered books, and I usually have anywhere from three to six on the go at any one time. This particular one is part of a rainbow series, and from the title you know what colour is involved.

Cover - Orange You Glad? altered book
The books in this series start out as children's board books.  The pages are sanded, gessoed, and then re-energized with photos and/or papers.  The red one in this series is so crammed with embellishments that it can neither be opened, closed or photographed!  I guess I'll need to do another.

The desiccated orange mummy in the photo above made me think of the fake tans that so bemuse and mystify me, hence the quote that says 'Wow!  That orange spray tan really suits you.  Said no one ever.'

The combination of the lovely painting on the left with a painted pastel paper made me smile.

The crayfish (I think) on the left seems to hide in his surroundings, and I was amazed to find one of my crystalline papers that matched the colours...it's a miracle!

What do you do with disused books - got some ideas for me?

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