Friday, 19 June 2015

It's done...

...and set in stone.  Well, it's set in concrete, really.  The table top is not only finished and polished to a lovely gloss, it's installed in the Puffin Design studio where I can use it to the max.  The best part? It's near twice the size of the table in my home studio, so I'm seriously thinking of moving in permanently.  Is it illegal to live in a gallery?


Here's some fun facts for you about creating a concrete table top:

A finished top this size weighs about 150 pounds and will ultimately carry more than that, I suspect.  You can see I've already got a good start on loading it up.

Before it could be used, Bart peeled the plastic off - it was there to assist the chemical process which hardens the concrete.  Here you can see the water condensation as it evaporates from the concrete.

Bart removed the forms from the edges of the drying table top and

we flipped it over (well, I felt like I was helping) to find this stormy scene.

It takes many polishes, starting (in this case) with 100 grip sandpaper, then 200, etc.

It takes 28 days for the concrete to cure before it can be sealed.  I suspect that I'll have it sealed with gel medium long before that time is up.

The sanded top is a study in texture and pattern.

I wonder how I will learn to tear my eyes away from the top and actually get to work!  If you're in town, please stop in and have a look - 137 15 Ave. N, Creston, BC.  I promise I'll stop ogling it long enough to say hello.

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