Saturday, 14 December 2013

Red is best.

With new camera in hand, I've been experimenting and getting to know it this morning...60 photos later, I'm amused to discover that about 99% of the photographs contain the colour red.

I've been a red fan since early childhood, and drove my mom near-crazy with the desire for everything red, so it's no surprise that my camera practice run was attracted to it.

From Andrea Revoy's fancy clay chicken,

to a scarlet-topped woodpecker by Liz Hale,

then a canvas of red flowers,

near a ribboned artist flag,

and even a  trio of dancing 'ladies',

the artwork around the house is bright with it.  And in the studio,

 it's everywhere, from the water bottles to ink jars,

and from paint colours,

to spray cans,

 and even in the discard pile,

it's impossible to escape.

I'll be curious to see where the next session of colour takes the camera.  At least it managed to pick a 'Christmas' colour this season!

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