Sunday, 3 February 2013

Boot Camp at COTR

Colour Boot Camp has started at the College of the Rockies here in Creston, and I suspect there will be some changes made in the participants' palettes in the next month or so.

 The initial exercise consists of creating swatches of colour to construct a colour wheel for their binder.

Painting fast and furiously they work hard to get a start on the exercises before the end of class.

They learn to create a 'dark dark' by mixing complements together - the results are far richer than any black on the market.

And they learn about tints and shades and take that study home to create examples for their binder and Colour Bank.

I'm always delighted at the end of  the course to see how varied and many-layered their colours become, and how knowledgeable participants are about creating lush, powerful and vivid colour combinations.  Since I'm such a colour pig, it feeds my addiction in a VERY satisfying manner!

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