Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I'm feeling like a sculptor...

 because one of my friends in Claresholm got me playing with a new toy called Sculpy polymer clay. Judy Dahl, who took my mixed media class last May has taken off like a rock from a slingshot. She experiments, she plays, she tries things, and experiments some more, and has been like a mixed media fiend for the last seven months - no stopping her! When I was in Claresholm a couple of weeks ago, Alice Saltiel-Marshall and I went out to Judy's studio to learn how to use this unique 'clay'.

Here Judy demonstrates a clay key mold process

After pressing a key into the Sculpy, she carefully scrapes away until edges are clean

I'm testing the process on a metal maple leaf piece, carefully rolling it flat before removal.

Here some molds are oven-ready for baking.
We had more fun than one could reasonably expect.  Judy showed us the mold process, and also let us know that Sculpy can be used for building small items as well, which Alice used the following week for a project we were working on in tandem.  Make sure you keep up with her blog to see her results!

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I love teaching, because I learn far more from my 'students' than they learn from me, I know.  Judy is a consummate horse photographer whose skills are a Canadian legend in that business, and her horse drawings are amazing.  Alice is a fine art master, skillful photographer and now a mixed-media-legend-to-be.

All photos here are by Alice Saltiel-Marshall, who remembered to both bring her camera AND use it!  Many thanks, Alice!

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