Saturday, 17 November 2012

The studio...

...right now is a peaceful oasis, as it's hung from top to bottom with a series of mandalas placed for last weekend's 'Into the Mandala' workshop.

My fascination with mandalic motifs has been ongoing for the past 25+ years.  I've drawn them,

coloured them,

collaged them,

and even 'pointillismed' them (which, like the paper mache horse, comes under the category of never again!).

I've added natural elements to them,

   as well as alien-looking ones.

 They've been published in a 'textbook' on mandalas

and I've created a colouring book especially for adults from them (see top right sidebar for Color Me Up!).

In all cases, I've not only learned from the experience of creating them, but I've achieved a level of meditative peace that I've found through no other means.  There is something about the process of creating mandalas that slows time, fosters introspection, and brings peace.

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