Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Occasional Play...

Autumn is always such a busy time of the year, as we bring the garden inside, put away food for the winter like proverbial squirrels, finish up reno projects and prepare for the workshop season.

In between, I do get a chance to play in the studio, mostly in fits and starts.  Some of the pieces I've been creating over the past couple of months started as part of sessions with visitors (see here), and some have been percolating in my mind for some time.

Sweet Summer Sun  mixed media on mat board  6" x 8"
One of the former, Sweet Summer Sun got started (and finished - most unusual for me) at a Claresholm play session on my way home from a holiday in Ottawa.  A group of my students and I had a mixed media afternoon at the home of Judy Dahl, just outside of town, and we all went at it like fiends.

Golden Girls  mixed media 10" x 8" on wood panel

Another visitor session came about when Alice Saltiel-Marshall and her husband Bill were here in September.  Alice gave me a stamp bearing (or baring) these three beauties, and we both used it in a painting while she was here.  You can see her version, in progress, on her Flickr page here.
Opening  mixed media  10 x 10 on wood panel
The Opening had been incubating for some time, and sold as the paint was drying, which is always a fun thing to have happen.

Still in the process of working on larger paintings for the Key City Theatre Gallery show in April of 2013, I've been picking away at two pieces, each 2' x 3' in the floral vein.  Barring any further studio cat issues, I hope to post at least one this month!  In the meantime, I'm basking in the long autumn sun in the studio, wishing you colour, colour, colour in your life.

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