Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Something old...

and something new today, although as for the rest of the saying, I've got nothing.

At the Dinn household, we're cleaning out cracks and crannies in preparation for a garage sale later this month, and I stumbled across one the of the first mixed media pieces I did, at a time when I knew absolutely nothing about mixed media.  It was fun to unearth this one, and even now I l like the feel of it.
Reach for the Soul  14 x 11 Mixed Media  by Win Dinn (ca. ?)
It's interesting to compare it to a piece I recently finished - still using papers, strong colours and with a hand-made stamp (cut from a halved cork) added to the mix.
Roadside Crosses  12 x 12 Mixed Media by Win Dinn
 I'll be taking a break from this blog for about a week as I organize myself for a demo at Fisher Peak Gallery in Cranbrook, BC, this Friday at 11 am.  From there, I'm travelling to Claresholm, AB, where we'll rock the town with a mixed media workshop. It's been organized on the Claresholm end by my good friend, Alice Saltiel-Marshall, and I'm so looking forward to visiting with her amidst the chaos of the workshop.

Along with a fun weekend, I have some other good news to share this week - I'm delighted to say that on Facebook, Sue Fitzmaurice of Trying God's Patience has added some of my paintings to her wonderful works.  Sue is the accomplished author of Angels in the Architecture, as well as having the best page I've yet found on FB (TGP).    

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