Friday, 9 March 2012

The season....

I love my 'workshop season', because I get so jazzed up about possibilities, painting and playing with colour.  I've got so many starts on the go right now I'm a little dizzy (well, more than usual, that is).

I finished another water study utilizing paper scraps that I save over the year.  The paper is a combination of found and  hand-painted papers adhered onto board, with beads and found objects added to the mix.
Evoking Water 8 x 10 Mixed Media on board by Win Dinn 
The work below uses some of my favourite motifs - keys and puzzle pieces on a background of photos transferred onto a painted matboard.  Keys normally denote spirituality for me, but in this case, the painting became about a memory that definitely does not work as it did previously!

Wish I Could Remember...  5 x 10 Mixed Media on matboard by Win Dinn 
 I'm so thinking spring, and the  hand-painted paper butterfly reflects this.  I have another butterfly piece on the go as well, so I know that spring must be on the way.  This painting on canvas utilizes torn strips of an  upcycled novel adhered onto the canvas as a ground for her flight plan.  I think she has an assignation happening in her life...

Midnight Flight 5 x 7 Mixed Media on canvas by Win Dinn

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