Sunday, 19 February 2012

Precious time

One of the best things about painting full time is that I actually get time to paint - that's a concept that has been pretty rare in a life filled with children, volunteering, full time employment and/or building a business.  I love having the time to think about the world around me and then translate my thoughts through paint (and whatever collage fodder comes to hand).  So when I heard a child serenely state to a companion that 'Sticks and stones....', this small piece sprung to mind.  From the mouths of babes (and their very intelligent parents, no doubt).

Sticks & Stones  4 x 4  Mixed Media by Win Dinn
This next piece arose from my musings that most of the women I know can see things from many angles.  We have an ability to mentally stand in each degree of a circle and recognize the validity of every viewpoint.  Sometimes, I think this may be to our detriment -  I  wonder whether this keeps us from standing up for things that are important to us?  It made me laugh when I realized upon completion of the piece that it was tough for me to decide which way was up!

Challenging Neutrality  10 x 8  Mixed Media by Win Dinn
Both these pieces, and seven others, will be on display at the Key City Theatre Gallery in Cranbrook, BC, for the next month, so stop in and say hello to them if you're in the area.

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