Friday, 13 January 2012

A Challenge!

John and I were chatting the other day about the preponderance of flags flying from car aerials - some sports-related,

some nationalistic,

and otherwise!

Our discussion  centered around the whole concept of pinpointing loyalties on car, house or business, and we were frankly bemused. 

Laughingly, I indicated the only flag I'd ever consider showing would be an Artist's Flag, and of course got to wondering what that might look like from an artist's point of view.

So herein lies a challenge for you artists (and your students, if you have them) - create your version of an Artist's Flag, email it to me at , and I'll post any received prior to February 15, 2012.  From the entries, a blind draw will give the winner a free pass to 'Collage - Playtime for Adults' (see right sidebar under Workshops) which starts on February 25/12.

When you fly your flag, how will it look?

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