Color Me Up!

Mandala designs colouring book designed especially for adults.

As children, we spent many long, happy hours colouring.  Without realizing it, we learned about shapes and size, about mixing colours, and we developed a sense of harmony.  But this isn't why we did so much of it.  We did it because it was fun.

So why did we quit?  The joy didn't go out of colouring.  We just quit...maybe we got tired of colouring teddy bears, princesses and rowboats.  Colouring books aren't well known for catering to the over 10 crowd.

This book, however, is designed for the adult, to bring back some of the childhood joy that comes from colouring.  The images are mandalas, a form of art used by Tibetan monks to focus thought and foster a state of meditation.  Colouring these will give you an opportunity to turn off your mind and escape to a world of tranquility.  It can bring up long forgotten memories, soothe jangled nerves, stimulate creativity and allow you once again to be your innocent childhood self.  When finished, you may use the designs in a variety of ways - personalized wrapping paper, notepaper, cards and decoration.

Take this book home, colour it on your own, or invite a few friends over (or your children or grand-children) and have a colouring party.  You'll be surprised at how pleasant it is to re-connect with your childhood.

Each of the 24 pages is also tagged with a phrase that relates to the image - more ways to connect with your process.

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