Thursday, 10 August 2017

I showed you some snippets...

...last week, and thought you might like to see a wider view of some of them.

This itty bitty eggy thing

actually looks like this in real life, and could change again.

The alcohol ink on black gesso

 looks a fair bit different when looking at the whole.

 This fragment of texture on canvas

is a small part of a painting in progress that is 8" x 24".  I like the fragment MUCH better, so let's hope that when it's completed I'll like it all!

I've done some work on this piece since last week

and now it looks quite different.  I can see the doodling influence, as well as a look of embroidery on this. And just think - I've got four more pieces in this style to play with!

I'm off to the interior of British Columbia this next week for a design/staging commission, so I'll be fire-dodging and tap dancing my way to next Thursday's post.  In the meantime, what are you up to? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Because it's hot 'out there'...

...I've been holed up in the basement.  Coincidentally, that's where my studio is. Hmmmmmmmmmm...I wonder if there is a correlation?!  At any rate, I've been experimenting with design and abstract painting: ALL of those experiments are totally deadly, and if I showed them to you I've no doubt that you, too, would be underwhelmed.

I have been having fun photographing the pieces, however, cropping and experimenting with my camera.  I love colour and texture so much that it's hard to even pretend I'm working.  That being said, I thought you'd enjoy some of these photos:

This is a fragment of crackle paste on black gessoed paper.

This small piece is part of  experimental piece with Pebeo products, started in a
  play session with Lynne Mizera.  She dripped and I coloured.  What a team!

This is texture paste on a canvas, overpainted with acrylic inks and elan!

From a JumpStart session, I just recently found this piece of mark-marking on board, overpainted with white.
 Luckily I'd started five others and could do some more experimenting on them as well.

Crackle paste on black gesso, 'painted' with alcohol inks.

A heavily layered portion of a 12 x 12 panel.

A section of leaf printing gone wild.
What's got you fascinated in the studio lately?  Are you inspired by the weather, or fighting it in your area?  I'd love to hear in the comments below, as always, feel free to add a link to your blog if you'd like to share.

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