Thursday, 24 November 2016

Since I'm playing...

on holiday in China with my brother (thanks Neal & Judith, for the amazing gift!!) for the next while, I thought I'd give you a smile with another look at the Crazy Heads pieces from the Rotary Wine Art in 2014.  The collection of heads was beyond amazing!

This Day of the Dead head is Andrea's homage to the Mexican celebration.

I ‘Ave an ‘Ead Ache
Ceramic, LED lights and a wee bit of gritted teeth
by Andrea Revoy
I very much enjoyed this dual brain head from Brandy Hunt.

Left or Right? by Brandy Hunt (left brain side)
Left or Right? by Brandy Hunt (right brain side)
And I can see that Alison has a darker side to her - caught me unaware!
The Grim Reaper Hits the Road
Scarf, upholstery materials, really big earring
by Alison Bjorkman
 This luscious silk head is yummy - I LOVE the hair!
Screwed, Blued and Tattooed.
Head;  Silk, screws, string, indigo, logwood and myrobalam, dyes.  
Base; mixed media, fused glass.
by Anne Fetterly (head), & Janet Holder(base)
Maureen and Audrey obviously had a blast with this one.
Bird's Eye View
Vintage birdcage, feathers from a boa and a whole lot of sex appeal
by Maureen Cameron, Audrey Herridge
 Words just cannot describe - must be seen to be believed, and appreciated!
Dahling! If you must!
Extreme mixed media awesomeness by
Jacqueline Wedge

Nightmare Nightlight
Ceramic by Sandy Kunze
This 'nightlight' really makes me smile - can you imagine a child waking up to this?!

These heads and more (you can check out my Roadside Crosses entry here) were such an eclectic bunch for a tiny town we were all in awe.  Well done, my crazy artist friends!

I'll be catching up with your posts and comments about mid-December.  In the meantime, do let me know what your craziness has been!


  1. These are fantastic...Enjoy China Win!!

    1. Many thanks, Roz - I'm so excited about this trip I can hardly sit still long enough to reply! :D xo

  2. So creative and unique it's fun to see what others come up with.
    I hope you have such a great time in China and come back with a heart full of inspiration to share with us all.

    1. Thanks, Deann - I expect to be wildly juiced when I get back, and ready to play endlessly! xo

  3. I know you'll have one of the richest experiences of your life.
    I look forward to seeing it all from your left shoulder - ENJOY!

    1. It will be amazing, I'm to follow ASAP! xo

  4. Wow, are you really in China? Have a fantastic time! Loving these cool creations - though some o fthem are a bit scary!

    1. It was downright fabulous, Zsuzsa - what an amazing country! I'll be months processing all I've seen!

  5. What a lucky gal to have a great brother. Have a wild time.

    1. So very true, Gay - he and his other half are the BEST! While I'm sorry she couldn't go, I'm delighted that I could!

  6. Would love to see photos. Lucky you to have a great brother.

    1. Watch for some of the hundreds coming up on the blog, Gay - how could I resist!

  7. OMGosh! You are in China?? Can't wait to see pictures and read of your adventures!! Have fun sweet friend! xoxo

    1. It was incredible, Jackie - photos to come, of course! xo


Thanks for your comments - I value every one!

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