Friday, 14 August 2015

Just because I could...

...I did it again.  I'm possibly (read probably, absolutely) hooked on these tangled fun foam plates and created another one in an overall grid pattern this time.  I immediately tested it with stamp pads and ink,

and then my trusty Gelli plate.  These prints are the first prints, and I love the colour underneath generated by the dry paint on the plate from previous printing sessions.

 I may have gotten a little carried away...

 with more than one print.

There was something about these prints that triggered a conversation with a good friend regarding the energetic changes happening in our world right now, and I was reminded about the connections I have with others.  I fussy cut a house-wrap mask that spoke to me of this,

 and overprinted one of the Gelli prints.

I used my Posca pens on it, and can see that it will become part of a journal page.

My use of the fun foam plate has enlivened it a great deal - I suspect that another Gelli plate session will hit the studio this weekend when  Alice Saltiel comes to visit.  Sounds perfect to me!

And you?  What's triggering your creativity these days?

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