Friday, 5 June 2015

That's it - I'm folding...

 ...books that is.  I'm on another tear, pun intended, as I ready more work for Puffin Design. This shop just recently (as in yesterday recently) opened here in Creston, and it's totally fabulous.  Because all my folded books are out at other galleries, I was in a fine folding frenzy to get one finished this week.
This book, created from a gently abused novel called 'Any Place I Hang My Hat' by Susan Isaacs (a delightful read if you've not been there yet), is truly organic,
 with nooks and crannies,

 and an asymmetrical feel.

I love how it turned out.  Usually when I do a book folding, the most frequent question is 'How long does it take you?'  Until now, I've never timed the process to be able to answer with any accuracy, but this time I can.  From start to finish, including folding and curling, this piece took five and one half hours.  Now you know!
'Any Place' folded book  © Win Dinn
It's been a week of happy things, including this wonderful hand-crafted postcard from a Google+ friend, Pam Wildeboer, who is a wonderful mixed media artist.

Not only was there a postcard, but a stamped piece of deli paper, a fun envelope in one of my fave colours, and an extra sheet of deli paper on which to play.  How did you know I'd run out, Pam?

In a week of goodies, I have to tell you that the icing on the cake is getting settled as the gallery associate at Puffin Design.  Not only do I have a wonderful new place to share my work, I get to connect with interior designers, artists, tourists and townspeople on a regular basis.  Can you see my happy dance from where you are now?

Puffin Design - open three days a week, Thursday through Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm at 137 - 15 Ave. N, Creston, BC.  If I'm not there, you'll find the owners, Alison and Bart, so make sure to say hi and block some significant amount of time for viewing - you're going to love it.

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