Saturday, 30 May 2015

Playing with friends... always a great pastime, and when they're artists and mounting a show at the same time, it's even more so!

Eileen Gidman, Laura Leeder and I opened a show called On the Wall - Off the Wall at The Arts Station in Fernie this past Thursday, and what a group of art lovers they are there.  The venue is lovely, and the townspeople so supportive of the arts.  It was great fun to install the show,

That's Eileen on the left, I'm hung up on the ladder, and Laura on the right.
Photo by Samantha Lloyd, admin extraordinaire at The Arts Station
the food was amazing,

and the attendees were intrigued and appreciative.

The three of us have done a show together before, and we enjoy the mix of mediums.  With Eileen working in dyes on textiles (top and bottom right below),

Laura working in watercolour (left centre and bottom left above), and my mixed media (above left and centre right, and photo below),

we're a colourful group.

Of course, it wasn't all business, we did need to eat and relax as well.  Check out the wall colours at the Infinitea restaurant - gorgeous, no?

Please, if you get a chance, do check out the show at The Arts Station in Fernie between now and June 22nd- we know you'd love the venue, and we're pretty certain you'd enjoy the art too!

Thanks again to Samantha Lloyd and her volunteers, who put together an amazing environment for us!  We are most appreciative.

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