Friday, 22 May 2015

Happy mail... so much fun, and this week I received a glam package from a Google+ friend, Gerda Frankes, a partner in a tag exchange arranged on Creating and Sharing Mixed Media Art. And what a package it was - even the front of it was juicy.  All the posties from the Netherlands to Canada would have been grinning at this!

The back of the envelope was sealed with this cool washi tape -

and inside?  Wow.  There were metal embellishments to drool over (you know I'm addicted, right?),

 along with a sparkly sheet of red-gold paper,

and a couple of sheets of burlap paper accompanied by two embossed tags (I love collaborative artworks, and you may be getting these back sometime Gerda!).

The tag itself is a stunner, shimmery (in keeping with the month's theme of Shine) and lush.

A closeup reveals the use of the burlap paper, surrounded by teeny tiny beads wired together...delicious.

Even the back of the tag was treated to Gerda's creativity.

I've been grinning from ear to ear since I received this, and can only recommend you artists join this community and jump on the tag exchange bandwagon.  It's an unbelievable treat to share with artists from around the world.

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