Saturday, 9 May 2015


...I'm in love with it.  Kroma Crackle is such a wonderful creativity tool, I'm seriously considering buying it by the case.

I was introduced to it by Meg Nicks, co-owner of the Sunny Raven Gallery in Canmore, and she's got me hooked.  This particular piece is partway dry (the dark splotch in the top middle is Kroma Crackle still wet from the bottle over top of black gesso), and it has me mesmerized already.  It's on a lamp base I scored at Gleaners for $ .50 - John has replaced the fittings and I'm playing decorator.

I've used this crackle  in several pieces, and love the width of the crackle lines, which clearly show the colour underneath.

'Confluence' detail 

'Confluence' mixed media on cradled wood panel 10" x 8"  © Win Dinn
The dried crackle, once fixed with liquid medium, readily accepts drybrush, Inka Gold, and other juicy colour.
'Treasure Box' detail  (Full view here)
When heated during the drying process, it provides additional gnarly texture.  In fact, the only drawback to this tool is the comparatively slow drying time (the top piece is in its second day of drying), and for the results garnered, even I'm patient enough to wait!
'Islands in the Sun' mixed media on cradled wood panel  © Win Dinn
I am wondering, however, if it's quite sane to be salivating at the way it that a 'normal' artist thing?  What's your current favourite toolbox necessity?  Comment below, and let's take a look!

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