Friday, 9 January 2015


don't you love them?

I got a fabulous and totally unexpected Christmas gift in the mail this week from an on-line friend over at Creating and Sharing Mixed Media Art on Google+.  It included these vintage lace and rick-rack pieces,

three wonderful bright red lace paper doilies (you know they'll get incorporated into Valentine cards or tags),

and a lovely little note.

Huge thanks, Jackie - you rock!

Some surprises come more under the heading of bloopers, and if you want to see a good one, you can check out this recent video I did when I was testing some new high flow acrylics (thanks Meg!).  I can tell you that fluorescent pink has incredible POW! factor when, in a Video Demo Brain Freeze, you take the top off the bottle by accident, and pour!

A more reasonable surprise this week was finishing another wine bottle and glass.  You can find out how I started with this obsession here.  These ones are in peacock colours, just for you Alice, although they're still not safe for dining room table use.

'My Fine Feathered Friend' mixed media goblet © Win Dinn

'My Fine Feathered Friend' reverse

'My Fine Feathered Friend' base

'Peacock Flash' mixed media bottle © Win Dinn

'Peacock Flash' reverse

'Peacock Flash' closeup

The other surprise in these is that each of the flowers are hand-crafted from bottle caps, wine bottle metal caps, paper, and buttons.  I love taking something mundane and upcycling it, don't you?

Just a reminder - I'm teaching next weekend in Kimberley - if you'd like to join us for a playful Gelli mono-print weekend, please contact Christine at Centre 64 to register.  Registrations close TODAY!

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