Monday, 5 January 2015


starts, finishes and bloopers are a regular part of my studio life.

This past week I've been playing with the videos from Creative Jumpstart 2015, and having a ton of fun.

I've tested the background technique inspired by the Nathalie Kalback video on journalling on this piece of matboard.  You can see the technique I used in this video - it is similar in many ways to Nathalie's method.

Background using paper towel lift
I've covered it with a wash of quinacridone sienna, and sprinkled drops of water onto it.

Pressing a cloth on to the background lifts the splashes of water and some of the paint as well for another great effect.

Last post I showed you this collage inspired by Jimmy Leslie's video,

and I did my first ever face plant - sorry, make that face stencil, by following Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's fabulous video instructions.  For someone who is spatially challenged, this was a great success.  I used a portion of it in this journal spread.

And for some reason, this tiny painting had been sitting in the studio for weeks (read months), unfinished, and it's now a done deed and sitting in our living room where it was intended to live.

'In Bloom' 4" x 3" mixed media
on cradled wood panel ©Win Dinn

I hope you're having as much fun with your creative life.

And if you're in Creston, why not stop into the Chamber and check out the show there?  It's a great way to heat up your creativity!

Oh, you want to know about the bloopers?  Not gonna happen in this post, but watch for a good one in an upcoming video!

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