Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Settle down?

Not likely.  Every day I move from project to project, like a crazed hummingbird in a field of exotic flowers.

Recently I tracked my progress through the day with my camera, moving from a collection of tags in progress

to a stack of  papers and antique cards recently acquired as a gift (thank you Bill), 

 to Christmas cards-in-the-making

and then to finish burning a new watery stencil.

I watched myself in amusement as I ran off a couple of Gelli prints with it

and then moved to play with some Derwent Inktense pencils loaned by a friend (thanks Linda)

before finishing a video shoot of a technique

and photographing the results.

 Finally, I 'painted' some white-on-white wallpaper with alcohol inks,

barely noticing a recent addition to the studio.

John, after many years away from artwork as he immersed himself in creating tomatoes, has set himself up again.  Perfect, no?  Yes!

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