Tuesday, 18 November 2014


...anywhere is perfect, but in Claresholm it is perfect-er!  We made a flying trip there this past week, and the trip was packed to the max.

Alice Saltiel Marshall hosted us for my birthday, and then talked me into a Gelli demo while I was there.  What fun.  I was obviously being terribly bratty, playing the violin at someone I'd just met!

Julie chooses paint and takes the guff!
After pulling some prints, I encouraged those attending to do the same.

Alice watches, as Julie gears up for the first pull.

Marjory shows her pull from a blue jean template.

Kim pulls the ghost print after using the house wrap stencil.
Alice was so enamoured with the colours she chose that she forgot to add stencils, textures or templates - and look at that lovely print!

I was delighted that Marjory won the door prize (more about that in my next post), given that she drove an hour and a half to attend the demo!

And of course, no visit to the Marshalls would be complete without some hi-jinks, as evidenced by this photo.  If John were a seamstress, he could be checking the length of his woolly gift to me, but that's definitely not the case.

Our day ended with a fabulous dinner party, topped with a birthday pie (thanks for remembering I'm not much of a cake fan, Alice!).

As always, a wonderful visit, tremendous food, fabulous company, and the occasional glass of wine - how could life get any better?

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