Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Burning, burning, burning...

...but only because you asked for it.

I've had so many queries about the process of burning a house wrap stencil that I've created a video for you here:

The process first involves securing a piece of house wrap (it's that stuff that's used in construction, the most common being Tyvek).  I stole a roll end from my friend Louise Olinger, renovator extraordinaire, while doing some staging for her....ssssshhhhh, don't tell.

I cut the wrap, in this case Typar, into a size about an inch all around larger than the size I wanted the stencil to finish, and marked the outside lines to encourage myself to stay inside the box.  (That's a good thing in this case.)

Although in the video I've burned a free-form design, you can also draw your design on the wrap and burn on from there.

Your stencil burner needs to be heated, and the wrap placed on a 1/4" tempered glass at least an inch or so larger than the house wrap.  You'll find it easier to burn if you tape your piece to the glass with masking tape.

These stencils work beautifully on the Gelli plate, whether first print,

or ghost print.

You can see other house wrap stencils here, here and here, and you can check some out, with resultant prints on my Pinterest page here

And of course, you're limited only by your own imagination, and we all know there's no limits there!

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