Tuesday, 28 October 2014

I'm in...

...the studio again, and it's chaos as usual.

Three piles of Gelli print fragments are strewn across one of the student tables,

a chair is stacked with paintings in progress,

and a folded book in stage three awaits hours of unfolding, and then curling.

A painting, recently coated with gel medium and then textured with a natural sponge sits drying on the drawing table,

along with stacks of mini canvasses from the Have a Heart series, in varying degrees of progress.

My 8 x 10 Gelli plate is anxious to test run a newly designed house wrap stencil, even though it's not yet completed, 

while a stack of 'Head Shots' wait nearby for some attention.  They want to be made into a booklet right now please.

So much fun...so little time.  Isn't the life of an artist the best thing ever?  I certainly refuse to argue that.

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