Friday, 3 October 2014

Gelli, Gelli, Gelli....

 ...Gelli prints everywhere.

Last night was the first class of Gelli it up at Creative Fix here in Creston.  Day 1 of 4 - will I survive?  Of course, because the colour is definitely to live for, right?

The ladies were intent throughout, and colour CRAZED!

Keiryn, Brandy, Alison, Karen and Linda

Alison got into it with her fingers

Janet, Linda and Keiryn
With layer upon layer of colour

and shape,

and piles of prints everywhere,

even our token male was agog.

We created texture plates,

coloured ones that were already dry,

 and even one that was wet, wet, WET!

 The house wrap stencils got well (and beautifully) used,

as did the playbooks (great for cleaning brayers, stencils, but not so much for drywall compound!).

It was three hours of riotous fun, and even the texturing implements looked none the worse for their extensive wear this morning!

Thanks, ladies, for what promises to be a terrific start to another three Thursdays of fun, fun, FUN.

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