Friday, 5 September 2014


it's been over two weeks since I've posted here - where did the time go, and what the heck have I been up to?

In that time, I've said goodbye to daughter Rochelle as she moved back to Vermilion for year two of her Animal Health Technologist training.  The house seems very quiet without her and her two vociferous pooches.

We've dismantled the library show,

 and filled the home gallery again.

The produce from the garden, always lush and plentiful, has been appearing magically in the kitchen.

Fortunately, John is as adept as I at taking care of what the garden elves bring in, and so far we're managing to keep up with it.

In the studio, I'm in assembly mode, as I push myself to get a second book ready for the show at Sunny Raven in Canmore, happening on September 20 and 21 - just a couple of weeks away - yikes again.  

I've been stringing, 


and playing assembly-line Nellie until the cows come home, and we don't even have any!

I hope your summer has been just as chock full - I know I'm grateful for the bountiful life I lead here in Creston.

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