Saturday, 27 September 2014

The last outdoor market...

was today, and the morning was perfect for it.

The Farmers' Market is always a feast for the eyes.  From black heritage tomatoes

to dark Coronation grapes (can you taste the pie?), everything is home-grown and delicious.

From spices

to vegetables,

the choices are staggering.

The colour is always amazing,

and so is the taste.  For the first time today, I wrapped my mouth around this Cape Gooseberry at Mike and Mo's stand. Nigel told me it was akin to a pina colada, and he was so right!  And the little lantern packaging it arrives in is lovely too.

I thought they were very clever to match their cloth to the produce, or was it vice versa?

There are makers of all sort, from recycled crates

to jams by the truckload,

and even the neck ribbons sing with colour.

 Brenda's lavender hits all the senses with that heavenly smell and textural display.

I think the sign here says it all - home ground and locally grown.  We can be justifiably proud of our local market.

Today I'm especially grateful to be living in the Creston Valley.  What's happening in your area?  Are your markets done, or just getting started?

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