Saturday, 13 September 2014

It must be fall...

...because we spent a good part of the morning at the Creston Fall Fair.

I have fond memories of participating in these fairs as a child growing up in Alberta, so today's viewing was a huge pleasure for me.

We saw a painted horse skull,

 flowers & cacti,

 some fabulous Lego creations,

squash that made my eyes pop,

 and more vegetables than one could imagine (check out the beans, bottom left!).

 The fruit baskets were mouth-watering,

 the quilts were outstanding,

 and I was stunned at the work that went into these cards.

 There were goats,

 and sheep,

 and tiny exhausted cowboys.

 We saw rabbits

jars of seeds for the coming year,

and sunflower heads that made my eyes pop.

It was a fabulous reminder of what makes this valley so special.  I hope you live in an area where you can appreciate the bounty of this wonderful planet.

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