Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Done and dusted...

I can finally say it's finished.  After fifteen months, I've got it all together (the book, that is). Actually, it should technically be called 'Gellitude', since so many of the backgrounds are Gelli-printed. However, it's a visual journal of gratitude from an artist's viewpoint, now heading towards a show at Sunny Raven Gallery in Canmore, AB, along with Not So Mellow.

'A for Alphabet'

'B for Books'

'C for colour, circles, crystalline paper'

'D for dryer sheets, drywall compound, doodling'

'E for the Earth'

'F for flowers (and a sneaky foto-bombing fly'

'G for Gelli prints'

'H for heart(s)'

'I for ideas'

'J for jazz'

'K for keys'

'L for line, life, lace'

'M for music, Mozart, munchies'

'N for numbers'

'O for orange, ovals, oranges'

'P for patterns, prints, precision'
'Q for quatrefoil, quartered'

'R for Red'

'S for stamps, shapes, stencils, stars, spades'

'T for texture'

'U for umbrellas'

'V for vegetation'

'W for Words'

'X for xylophone, and X marks the spot'

'Y for yellow'

'Z for Zentangle ®'

Back Cover

I think 'M' should also be for miracles, since I consider it one to have this completed in time for the show.  It's thirty paintings, each 9" x 6", covers and table of contents.  Three inches in depth, it is a visual record of what makes me tick as an artist,  and an alphabetical testimony to my love of colour and appreciation for artistic play.  My lack of experience with bindings led to some laughable moments, and the rule of 'measure once, cut twice' rule meant the binding is not the one initially planned (luckily, I like this one better).

And I'm oh so grateful to call it done.

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