Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sharing the studio...

...with friends and family is always such fun.  Rochelle (daughter) and her boyfriend Dylan had a play session on Sunday evening, and then Rochelle and I spent the day in the studio yesterday after Dylan headed back to Alberta.

Rochelle had a blast with the stencils,

Gelli plate,


 and paint.

Dylan enjoyed using the paint brush alone, and I found this starry night on my easel Monday morning.

All of Rochelle's pieces show a love of complex texture,

 and the inherited passion for colour, both strong

and muted.

 I'd say if she weren't such a passionate animal lover/healer, she'd have a great future as an artist.

Here she is at play - she got that hairy eyeball look from yours truly.  

I'm hoping your studio is filled with family and friends this summer, too - it adds such fun to the space.

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