Friday, 8 August 2014

From studio... kitchen, summer is one colour hit after another here.

In the studio, I'm working on a scratch-back piece of claybord, liberally covered with alcohol inks...and it's taking forever  (Alice, I'll get you back for this madness!).  Note the subtlety of the colour combination.

 In the kitchen, I'm seeding mashed raspberries for later use.

Back to the studio, where I'm experimenting with heavy acrylic gel, squished through a stencil over a plastic wrap background - yummy effect.

In the kitchen again I'm stirring chocolate and some of that raspberry puree together to make some chocolate raspberry sauce.  WARNING:  Yummy to the nth degree, and very addictive.

This 3 x 3" miniature painting includes a Gelli printed background, a sticky dog-hair removal strip used to clean up the Gelli plate, and a paper towel that soaked up a beet juice spill in the kitchen...nothing goes to waste in either location!

The first batch of salsa came out of the garden this morning;  unfortunately it doesn't come ready-chopped or -canned.  

 Back in the studio, I played with Carolyn Dube's colorful twist technique just for fun.

 Even the pantry gets in on the act, as the sauce section starts to fill

and compete for space with the jam section.

Watch this space for further additions by summer's end, since the tomatoes have barely started to come on.

Meanwhile, I steal as much time as possible in the studio just to keep my sanity...bless those Gelli plate inventors!

I tell myself I'm getting my exercise climbing up and down the stairs between the kitchen and studio. What stories are you telling yourself about your summer?

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