Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Welcome guests

Summer in this beautiful valley means we can welcome guests from near and far, and this past week was no exception.

Alice Saltiel-Marshall and husband Bill arrived here on Wednesday evening, just in time for an appetizer-filled happy hour on the deck.

Alice, Rochelle, Bill, John
No tomfoolery took place, as usual.

Alice, Rochelle and I tore off at 5:50 to play with Brandy Hunt at Creative Fix .  Alice took this photo at the stencil workshop. 

The next day we spent up to twelve hours playing with the techniques and products we learned.  Alice looks pretty chipper early in the game!

Here I'm working on a joint Alice/Win project - Rochelle fell in love with it, and is now the proud owner of the only (first?) joint Daltiel (or is that Sinn?) mixed media painting.

By day's end, the studio was a riot of colour, starts and stenciled everything!

The following couple of days were a blur of markets, shopping in Nelson, lunch at Skimmerhorn winery,

Bill and Alice on the Skimmerhorn Winery deck
more eating,

and crazy photo ops.

I must say, we live a charmed life here in the valley, and never more so when we can welcome such good friends.

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