Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sublime Sorbet

This time of  year, when the raspberries lie thick on the bushes, we anticipate every possible confection, from whole raspberries (easy to pick, wash and inhale) to the labour-intensive raspberry sorbet.

This takes a huge number of raspberries (because at a minimum I must double the recipe), bashed to a pulp in a food processor,

and then mashed with a spoon through a sieve to remove all those pesky seeds.

It makes a glorious puree, doesn't it?  Once you have about five cups,

you can add a simple syrup.

The combination is finished in an ice cream maker (or if you foolishly sold yours in the garage sale - in the freezer, beating every 15-30 minutes until solid).

Served on the back deck in 30° weather to appreciative visitors, in exquisite sorbet glasses they gifted to us after scouring seventeen states, it's a thing of beauty!

It's hard to describe the incredible flavour of this sorbet.  You'll just have to make it yourself to experience it.

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