Tuesday, 22 July 2014

It's time to get it clean...

...don't you think?  The studio is chockablock full of projects on the go, and with Bill and Alice arriving here on Wednesday for a visit, it's time to get at it.

There are projects in process everywhere.  A stack of partially completed panels and canvasses sits on a chair beside the students' tables,

 a nearly done dryer sheet for a video demo waits on its own sheet of butcher paper,

 an alcohol-spritzed palette paper is itching to be transferred to a canvas,

and a house-wrap stencil lies partially sketched (when will that get done, I wonder?).

There's a stack of Gelli prints available for use at a moment's notice (I'm eyeing that top one for a pear painting that's 'gelling' in the back of my mind)

and some other Gelli plate experiments using watercolour paint wait near by (so far unsuccessful, but I'll keep at it, Laura!),

 while a mat board painting from the Victorian series awaits another layer of paint.

This Gelli print is getting some additional colour with gel pens during spare moments when I need a break from standing,

and a 3" x 3" mini canvas hangs around on the easel in hopes of some paper additions.  The lovely variegated paper is actually a sheet of clean-up paper from the last of a Gelli session...gorgeous, no?

My texture box for Gelli printing works as a support for a Gelli printed hand mandala...lots of work to go on that,

and a folded book start glares at me, figuratively tapping its toes as it kills time. ' When will the folding part happen?', it asks.

Even my gratitude journal is pending, as the full-on summer chores of garden produce care, deck-crew feeding (that's right - we have a new one in progress) and summer basking takes precedence.

May your summer be as full of colour and anticipation as is ours.  We have fabulous weather, wonderful produce and paint, paint, paint.  What more could I need?

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