Tuesday, 3 June 2014

WineArt done...

...and done beautifully thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Andrea Revoy, who conceived the idea and encouraged local artists to join in the fun.

Andrea, left and Alison Bjorkman 
I love it that Alison dressed to match her head, titled The Grim Reaper Hits the Road.

Alison Bjorkman with her 'The Grim Reaper Hits the Road'  ©
One of my favourites was this one by Alison Masters,

Head over Heels  © Alison Masters

I particularly enjoyed the write-up that came with it, which says:

'Just a little reminder that a Styrofoam head
can be anything, even 'in love'.  Painter Alison
Masters was going to wear these shoes tonight but
painted them instead. She is back at Masterworks
Studio painting her ball gown.'

Another big hit for me was Day of the Dead, by Andrea Revoy.

Day of the Dead  © Andrea Revoy

It amused me that of the thirteen heads, two of them had to do with death...are we artists that forward thinking?  

This piece by Tamara Movold really struck me,

The Taming of the Human Spirit  © Tamara Movold
as did Bart Bjorkman's Deep Dweller, made of concrete.

Deep Dweller  © Bart Bjorkman
 I was delighted that the bidder who purchased my piece was a family member, so I can visit it occasionally.  I noticed the gentleman they outbid was not so pleased, however!  :D

Yours truly, with 'Roadside Crosses; She Inhaled it Much Too Quickly'  © Win Dinn
Roadside Crosses novel by Jeffrey Deaver
All in all, it was an exceptional evening with wonderful wines, lovely decor, fabulous appetizers and terrific additional artwork by Carol Schloss and Eileen Hirota.  It was great fun to catch up with family and friends in such a setting.
Before the deluge of wineries, attendees and heads!  Flowers by Morris Flowers
Congratulations to you, Andrea Revoy, for your stellar job raising over $1200 for the Creston Valley Rotary ...well done!

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