Friday, 20 June 2014

It's Gelli, baby...

...all the way, and I'm packing my bags for it.

It's rather like mounting a campaign in a foreign country to pack for a workshop.  This one will require three different types of paint - fluid, heavy-bodied and open,

a bag of goodies for each participant (including their Gelli plate), drywall compound, foil candy wrappers and wax crayons,

masking tape, a binder full of stencils, sticky tac and a toilet roll holder (?),

extra mat boards for participants in case they really go crazy,

templates of all kinds (foam, blue jeans and texture plates),

cleaning rags, string, reams of paper, and more jean fabric so they can make their own templates,

 stamps, cotton swabs, masks, wax paper  and stretch wrap plastic,

and enough lace to start our own hoity-toity emporium.

Do you think the participants are going to have fun?  Hardly at all!  Bring it on...'cause Saturday is the start of something new in town.

Are you teaching? I'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.  And here's my Helpful Hint for the day...always pack much more than you think you'll need, because the one thing you're sure that nobody could possibly want to use will be the one thing that's an absolute necessity!

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