Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Drywalling in the studio...

sounds like a nasty way to spend a day, but not so!

I spent some time recently making texture plates for the upcoming Gelli it Up! playshop.  The use of drywall compound on a wood panel, incorporating textural implements from around the studio made some lovely plates.

With twelve plates for students to play with before they learn how to make their own, I can see some fabulous prints coming up!

Each one unique, this one is made from plastic grids,

while a smoosh and lift created this lively texture - rather like crackle.

 This one was created by stamping an old collograph plate into the compound,

 and some more plastic grids (this time segmented rounded embroidery ones), gives an entirely different look.

 Larger plastic grids that incorporate a circular and lineal design created this one,

 and I suspect this was a draw-back-into-it-design, but I can't really remember for sure!

 More completely round hoops of varying sizes make a great pattern,

and Catalyst shapers were fun to play with in this one.

 I like the higgledy-piggledy look on this map-like one,

and this lacy one was a hit with guests (although not with me - took a great deal of time to clean out the compound before it went into the washer!).

If you're intrigued, why not make a play date with yourself, and come join us here at the college?  Not only will you enjoy the playshop, but our area is going to be basking in the summer sun on June 21 and 22 - guaranteed!

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