Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Wasn't that a weekend?

It certainly was for me, as my first attempt in years at choral music came to an end.  No, they didn't kick me out (but it was oh, so, close!).  The Blossom Valley Singers held their two spring concerts on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, tea included.

With the production master-minded by Eva Beaulac, how could this historically-themed event be anything but stellar?  Eva created centrepieces that portrayed various segments of the Creston-area history, and they were gorgeous.  Like miniature paintings, each one was so filled with tiny embellishments one could have spent hours just viewing them alone.  From children's dolls

 to a reading nook,

a homey kitchen,

 and a fruit-filled basket from the orchard, each of the 22 tables were a feast for the eyes.

 Even the 'darker' side of the gold and silver rush came into play,

along with subtle reference to the water-logged flats.

It amazed me to learn that the bulk of these items came from Eva's own collection...I think she's my new best friend if I can just get her to give me some of her 'stash'.  Can you imagine the mixed media pieces that could be created from these?

The concert itself was beyond fun.  Woven together by song and incorporating everything from the history of mining, farming on the flats, the coming of the railroad, and more, the program was skilfully MC'd by Tammy Hardwick from the Creston Museum.  

One of the highlights for me personally was the opportunity to see the gentlemen of the choir serving tea during intermission.  Apparently this is traditional, and as far as I'm concerned, it's one that should carry on until forever!  I think Gary and Alvin look smashing in their pinnies!

Ruth Huscroft, a direct descendant of one of the original families in the valley, entertained us with her song of homesteading.

The mens' quartet was pure delight, with Norm Dyck, Phil Olney, Elvin Strand and David Handy battling it out in song over softball and cherries. 

I think we look very spring-like in our pastel pink scarves here, and don't the men look hunky in their bow ties and vests?

When the men don their railroad caps (and where did those pink ladies RR caps come from Caroline Martin?), they added the perfect visual to the Railroad Song.

There's a decided change in flavour as the scarves come out for the Barn Dance portion of the program.

Monte Anderson, our estimable accompanist, takes a well-deserved bow - he's wonderfully talented!

You know we're having an awesome time when the whole choir is bent over double with laughter as our incomparable leader, Anita Stushnoff, does it again (we're not sure what she did, but it's inevitably entertaining)!  

Thank you all for such an entertaining and music-filled season.  Thanks too to John, who took many of these photos, and persevered (I suspect with earplugs) through practice sessions at home.  It's been a wonderful experience.

While I'm here, a quick reminder about all the events going on this next week for Arts and Culture week in BC, not the least of which is the sneak peak of The Head Show at the Ingham Arts Centre here in Creston. I hope to see you there!

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