Friday, 11 April 2014

It's so ugly,

...even a mother couldn't love it.

It all started when I tore back into the studio to burn some Tyvek stencils, which is always fun.

I even like the cut-out shapes - think they'd make good masks.

The first photo above was originally an aborted attempt at a Gelli plate technique I'd not tried before - it desperately needed rescuing. I think the white knight should have been shot at sunrise, don't you?

I had rather more success with some other Gelli prints.  I'm a huge fan of circles and reds, so this one pleases me immensely.

John encouraged me to use an old lace pillow cover on a test drive - love it!

And now I've got a mystery I'm hoping you can solve.  While having tea with Andrea Revoy the other day, she showed me this little goody she found in her yard.  Man-made?  Organic?  What the heck is it?

 About four inches long and an inch or two high, it's surreal to the max.

There's a prize for you if you can tell me what this is - and make me believe you! (Don't ask me what - I've no idea yet!)

If you're out and about near Creston this weekend, I hope you've got tickets to the Blossom Valley Singers concert.  There's no prizes there, but definitely fun music!  Happy weekend, all.

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