Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I resemble that!

A recent email exchange, with photo, had a friend (you know who you are, Alice!) point out to me that my studio was a complete mess!

I resemble that remark, and so does the studio.  The work tables are covered with fun foam stamps, stamps in progress, and stamped or stencilled book sheets.  A dead crocheted pillow cover awaits an opportunity to make an imprint on something...

Tic Tac Toe canvasses sit in a jumble with wire, cutters, painted papers and other works in progress.

Stencilled book sheets, some glued with painted dryer sheets await attachment to the head project (aka Hairy Head).

And the head itself sits in a state of undress on the drawing table.  With 21 paintings on the go, five altered books and a Hairy Head in the works, is it any wonder the studio's a mess?

How's your studio looking today?  If it's in the same state, we both know we're having too much fun!

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