Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Easter on this Good Friday...

With the moisture in the air outside (read morning rain/hail), it's a good thing to be playing in the studio.  I've been making a card for a special milestone birthday from Gelli prints.  Luckily, Bill doesn't follow my blog, so I can post it even though it's just going in the mail today!

Bill loves country, so the boot was a perfect choice for him.  And I can blame the whole thing on Alice, his wife, who is a good friend, a fabulous artist and a card-maker extraordinaire. She's the one who taught me the joy of receiving a hand-crafted card in the mail.  

I started with a boot line drawing from the net, sized to fit the card,

and cut out a Gelli print outline with a craft knife.

I can use the cut-out for a mask the next time I need a good kick....whoops, I mean a boot.

Choosing a complementary Gelli print on a thin mulberry paper,

 I cut out the boot base and 'frilly' stuff (don't tell Bill I said that), with small sharp scizzors.

As you can see, I'm very tidy when I work.

After adding some inked lines, it's ready to glue on to the card.  Do you like it better on the cool ultramarine Gelli print,

 or the warm blue/green cardstock?

I went with the first choice, 'cause Bill is such a cool guy!  Happy birthday, Bill, and an extravaganza of many more more to come! 

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