Friday, 25 April 2014

Arts, culture, crazy heads and tea....

...what a dynamite combination.  Alison Bjorkman's Tea Party at the Ingham Centre this past Tuesday evening was a delight for all the senses.

With an amazing array of teapots created these past months in a new range of glazes and styles,

there was one,

 after another 

after another to lift and test.  Best of all, they were all gorgeous.

It was another chance, too, to check out the Crazy Head show.  This Day of the Dead head is Andrea's homage to the Mexican celebration.

I ‘Ave an ‘Ead Ache
Ceramic, LED lights and a wee bit of gritted teeth
by Andrea Revoy
I very much enjoyed this dual brain head from Brandy Hunt.

Left or Right? by Brandy Hunt (left brain side)
Left or Right? by Brandy Hunt (right brain side)
And I can see that Alison has a darker side to her - caught me unaware!
The Grim Reaper Hits the Road
Scarf, upholstery materials, really big earring
by Alison Bjorkman
 This luscious silk head is yummy - I LOVE the hair!
Screwed, Blued and Tattooed.
Head;  Silk, screws, string, indigo, logwood and myrobalam, dyes.  
Base; mixed media, fused glass.
by Anne Fetterly (head), & Janet Holder(base)
Maureen and Audrey obviously had a blast with this one.
Bird's Eye View
Vintage birdcage, feathers from a boa and a whole lot of sex appeal
by Maureen Cameron, Audrey Herridge
 Words just cannot describe - must be seen to be believed, and appreciated!
Dahling! If you must!
Extreme mixed media awesomeness by
Jacqueline Wedge

Nightmare Nightlight
Ceramic by Sandy Kunze
This 'nightlight' really makes me smile - can you imagine a child waking up to this?!

These heads and more (I managed to miss a couple -  and you can check out my Roadside Crosses entry here) will be auctioned at WineArt on Friday, May 30 this year.  You will definitely want to be there to bid on your favourite, taste some terrific wines and support the Rotary. 

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