Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The studio...

this past week has been the best place to be.  With the snowfall outside making streets treacherous, I can happily mix paints, paints skins, and putter to my heart's content.

I'm in finish mode, and have been knocking back one after the other (all in an attempt to avoid doing the books and taxes, of course).  This piece, another from the Victorian phase, was started in the Kimberley workshop.
'A Victorian Sewing Room III'  Mixed Media on Mat Board  10" x 6"  © Win Dinn
This one below has been 'in the works' since late fall, slowly building, layer upon layer.  I've often wondered what the natural world does when we humans are sleeping, and suspect that it's all dancing and partying when we're not looking.

'Midnight Tree Dance'  Mixed Media on Mat Board  6" x 9"  © Win Dinn
Time is a recurring theme in my creative life, likely due to the little amount available for creativity when I was working full time and parenting.
'It's Time'  Mixed Media  on Mat Board  7" x 9"  © Win Dinn
I've been wondering what to do with my mother's collection of pins, carefully saved since she died a few years ago, and it seems appropriate that they turn up in a piece of artwork;  that is certainly how she lived her life.
'Mining Her Life'  Mixed Media on Board    8" x 6"  © Win Dinn
Back to the aforementioned taxes...this piece was started in the Fernie workshop, showing a torn paper technique (a tax form package provided compliments of Canada Revenue Agency), and using one of my lovely Victorian ladies.  This shows just how preparing for tax time and completing those forms makes me feel, and yes, I am sometimes a sick and twisted woman!

'Death by Taxes'  Mixed Media on Mat Board  11" x 7"  © Win Dinn
Taxes are obviously on my mind - don't you think that the painting above and the meme below would make great wall decor for an accountant's office?

'Death & Taxes'  Wingding  © Win Dinn
 Looking back at this post, I see that three of the five paintings are blue - indicative of the unending winter, do you think, or sheer coincidence?!  I hope your days are sunny and warm, wherever you are.

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