Friday, 21 March 2014

Gelli belly... a condition beginning to become recognized by the medical profession the world over. Characterized by a rectangular gouge in the abdomen ( ] ), it is akin to tennis elbow in its creation.  By standing at a drafting table for more than eight hours in a row, you too can create your own Gelli Belly!  Here's how:

Get hooked on the Gelli plate.  Start playing with it using stencils, masks, Q-tips, texturing tools, and the like. Try every possible combination thereof using the Gelli plate blog to the max as a starting point.

Decide you need to teach a playshop in it so others can have the same amount of fun.  Start a binder of examples, because a show and tell is truly necessary.  Include examples:

Texturing Tools

Playing with Crayons

Forever in Blue Jeans

Printed book sheets

Printing with medium
Printing with leaves
Ghost printing

Printing until your eyes hurt

Printing with fun foam stamps

Printing on mulberry paper

Printing with cheesecloth

Printing and weaving
See your physician as necessary.  

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