Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A friend in the studio... always welcome, and the recent visit of Meg and Paul from Canmore was no exception. Meg and I spent Monday painting together while the other halves did an antiquing tour south of the border.

I love having other artists in the studio (or working in theirs) because it's so educational to see the way they create.  Meg showed me a trick to iron skins on to a painting (involving the use of release paper - we found that palette paper does not work as well!).

I got a sense of her process for creating one of her beautiful organic pieces from early on in the work.

I watched her experiment with Derwent Graphitint pencils on a new range of vellum she was testing for the Sunny Raven Gallery art supply section.

Meg's artwork  is richly organic, invariably including images or subtle iconography related to Mother Nature.

And while our circadian rhythms are vastly different (here's Meg working well into the evening),

we know that any chance we can get to play together will be a wonderful time.  Thanks for taking the time from your schedule to play here in Creston, Meg and Paul!

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