Thursday, 9 January 2014


I'm always playing games in the studio, and this set of mini canvasses that I bought through Opus is just perfect for that, isn't it?

Taking nine small canvasses, and attempting to print them with a Gelli plate was definitely playtime.  Each of these babies has a very small (2" square) opening on the back, which was the place for my finger to poke around and press the canvas to the painted Gelli plate - rather like trying to thread a needle in the dark!

For some unknown reason, I decided to tie these pieces together through the use of a rainbow theme and having no two stencils alike to start.  Some of them worked well, and some of them not so much.

By the time I finished patterning all nine of them, I had a pile of Gelli-printed papers, some nicely painted stencils,

and a row of randomly-marked baby canvasses.

I like the look of them lined up like soldiers on parade,as though they're ready for anything.  What underwhelms me are all the glaring white spaces poking through those pretty colours.

 They're even more startling up close.

Good thing I know how to use my paintbrush for a complete colour wash over all of them - that did the trick.

Stay tuned for stage three, as will I - I've no idea where we're going from here!  More Gelli printing?  Layers of papers?  Text?

 Stamps?  More stencils?  Transfers? 

The possibilities are endless, and mixed media can take them anywhere.

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